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On 6 June, 2018, German abrasives specialist Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken AG (VSM) opened its Czech subsidiary VSM Abrasives s.r.o. in Prague. From now on, the team centred around the Managing Directors Norbert Klinzing and Holger Kwaterowski is on the spot to provide customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia with advice on all challenges relating to abrasives.

More customer proximity and service
"Our new local presence and direct sales bring us even closer to our customers so that we can offer partners and end users a more direct, proficient, application-oriented service", says Norbert Klinzing. "Comprehensive training and advice, for example. This benefits dealers and industrial end customers alike", explains the new Managing Director of VSM Czech Republic.

VSM has been active in the Czech market since the 1990s, mostly using an agency before now. The new subsidiary aims to develop and serve potential markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia even more effectively. The official opening ceremony takes place in Prague on 27 September.

Experience VSM abrasives live at the MSV in Brünn
In a few weeks, existing and potential customers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighbouring countries will also have the opportunity to inspect and test VSM's comprehensive range of abrasives "live" and close to home. At the MSV International Engineering Fair in Brünn, from 1 to 5 October, the main focus will be on VSM ACTIROX and VSM CERAMICS Plus, which are optimised for maximum stock removal. The geometrically shaped ceramic grain in the new VSM ACTIROX, in particular, ensures especially aggressive grinding of steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. VSM CERAMICS Plus grains feature an improved self-sharpening effect when machining high-alloyed steels and super alloys, which are materials that require high contact pressure.

The new VSM ILUMERON abrasive belt and the proven VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus series are the first choice for consistent surface quality and high gloss finishes. VSM ILUMERON demonstrably increases productivity, since grinding and polishing can take place in a single processing step. Thanks to its improved reserve grain capacity, VSM COMPACTGRAIN Plus abrasives offer a longer service life, which means fewer tool changes and therefore reduced grinding costs.

You can find further information on VSM's high-quality abrasives, Made in Germany, at www.vsmabrasives.cz

About VSM

With 150 years of experience, VSM AG is one of the leading companies in the international abrasives market. Its core expertise lies in the production of coated abrasives. VSM develops high-end solutions for abrasives, which have to meet the specific requirements of specialist retailers, trade professionals and industry. We always put our customers first. Our network of subsidiaries and sales partners gives us a presence in more than 70 different countries.

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