The new Fibre Disc XF885: Double service life and higher stock removal

The new VSM CERAMICS Plus grains are manufactured in a new and innovative way resulting in a much finer crystalline structure which gives the grain significant performance advantages. Due to this unique design fractures the grain when stressed in a much finer and more conchoidal pattern resulting in longer lasting,

sharper and more aggressive grains with an improved self-sharpening effect. This new generation of ceramic grains are featuring a high metal removal rate with faster cutting at much lower grinding temperature.

  • 100% VSM CERAMICS Plus grain
  • VSM TOP SIZE (additional grinding active layer) achieves an increased cutting performance and reduces the temperature in the grinding area
  • Extra heavy-duty backing
  • Verly long service life at a highly aggressive cut
  • High stock removal even at fine grit sizes
  • Very high performance for working on aluminium

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  • Constantly exposing sharper grain edges and improved grain life
  • Significant cut rate and life over competitive blended/low-ratio ceramic alumina discs
  • Minimizes heat and increases chip generation
  • Increased life and durability
  • Improved humidity resistance and prevention against curl
  • For applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending on Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium, Hasteloy and other hard to grind materials
  • To be used with back-up pads on portable angle grinders

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